Montessori Lessons Age 3 to 9

Montessori Lessons for Ages 3 – 9

Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Dusting Presentation


Practical Life

Care of the Environment


2 ½  to 6 years


Feather duster

Pastry brush

Yellow duster cloth




To dust the environment.


Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, working from left to right, developing concentration, to care for the environment, strengthen muscles in the arms and to develop a spirit of helpfulness and responsibility.


  1. Invite the child to begin the Work Cycle.
  2. Lay out the work mat on the table and place the work on the mat
  3. Take the feather duster off the tray and hold it in a full palm grasp. The fingers are wrapped around the handle of the duster.
  4. Show the child how to dust the table from the bottom of the table to the top of the table. That is, away from you.
  5. Once the feather duster reaches the top of the table, show the child how to shake the dust off the duster.
  6. Return the duster to the table.
  7. Take the pastry brush in your dominant hand.
  8. Show the child how to dust small areas with this brush
  9. Show the child how to dust away from himself.
  10. Return it to the tray.
  11. The duster cloth should be folded into quarters.
  12. Pick up the yellow duster and show the child how to place his hand into one of the corners so that it wraps snugly around his hand.
  13. Show the child how to polish glossed surfaces with this cloth. The child should do this in small circular movements.
  14. If the cloth looks dusty, show the child how to turn the cloth around and to use the clean side.
Aug 282015
The Montessori Red Rods Lesson Activity

The Montessori Red Rods are used to teach Length. There is a definite relation between the ten pieces of each series. In the material for length the shortest piece is a unit of measurement for all the rest; the second piece is double the first, the third is three times the first, etc., and, whilst the scale of length increases by ten centimeters for each piece, the other dimensions remain constant.