Suggested Curriculum Age 3 to 6







  • Sandpaper letters
  • Sound recognition
  • ABC board
  • Matching
    • Object -> object
    • Object -> picture
    • Picture -> picture
  • Beginning consonants
    • Phonetic object boxes
    • Short vowel sounds
  • Middle sounds/vowels
    • Short & long: a,e,i,o,u


  • Blending/ending sounds
    • cons/vowel
    • cons/vowel/cons
    • cons/cons/vowel/cons
    • cons/vowel/cons/cons
    • Sequence cards
    • Opposites
  • Word recognition
  • Matching
    • Picture -> word
    • Word -> word
  • Word family boxes
  • Puzzle words
  • Digraphs
  • Label the environment

    • Noun Game
    • Article Game
    • Adjective Game
    • Conjunction Game
    • Preposition Game
    • Verb Game
    • Adverb Game
    • Pronoun Game
    • Interjection Game





  • History of writing
  • Moveable alphabet
    • Words
    • Sentences
    • Stories
    • Journal


  • Sandpaper letters
  • Directional letters
  • Metal insets
  • Letters
  • Manuscript
    • Uppercase
    • Lowercase
  • Cursive
    • Uppercase
    • Lowercase
  • Sandpaper numbers






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  7. we’re working with centersa in our school, I know that montessori is a fabulous way for kids to develop fine motor skill, hope we can get info on this, we are a bilingual school in Central America. thanks

  8. thanks for this outline.. im working on opening a daycare next year.. this is a big help… thanks andGod bless… im working on a limited budget but i like to believe that Montessori is not for the rich here in Manila. i believe that I can bridge the gap and offer it also to the poor kids…or middle income families as well. thanks again.

  9. i found this site very informative and helpful. thanx

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