Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Mopping a floor Presentation


Practical Life

Care of the Environment


3 ½  to 6 years



Small plastic bucket

Drying cloth

Liquid soap



To mop up a spill


Gross motor skills, developing concentration, to care for the environment, strengthen muscles in the arms, sequencing, bilaterality, crossing the midline


1.            Invite the child to begin the Work Cycle.

2.            Unpack the materials onto the floor mat in order of use, that is: the jug, bucket, green liquid, mop, drying cloth.

3.            Invite the child to collect water in the jug.’

4.            Pour most of the water into the bucket, holding the jug with your right hand and supporting the spout with your left hand. Leave a little water in the jug for the cleaning up process.

5.            Using your left hand, pick up the bottle and in quarter turns, unscrew the lid.

6.            Pour a few drops of liquid soap into the water.

7.            Dip your right hand into the water and give the water a swirl so that the water and liquid soap mix slightly.

8.            Dry your hands on the cloth.

9.            Pick up the mop holding it at the top with both hands and dip the mop into the water.

10.         Squeeze excess water out of the mop by turning the hair of the mop in one direction.

11.         Using both hands show the child how to mop the floor pulling the mop back and forth. The right hand should be positioned half way down the handle and the left hand is positioned at the top of the handle.

12.         When the mop seems saturated dip the mop into the water again, squeeze out the excess water, and repeat the mopping process.

13.         Once the floor seems clean invite the child to pour the dirty water into the flowers.

14.         Pour some of the remaining water from the jug into the bucket and rinse the bucket. Throw this water away too.

15.         Dry the bucket with the drying cloth.

16.         Show the child where to place the mop in the sun to dry.

17.         Return the bucket and materials to their place on the shelf.



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