Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Polishing a mirror Presentation


3 years


Practical life

Care of the environment


Small hand held mirror

Ear bud

Polishing cloth

Table mat

Dropper Bottle containing window cleaner


Polishing a mirror


Fine  motor control



Strengthening the fingers and hands

Crossing the midline



If the mirror does not shine


  1. Invite the child to work with you.
  2. Show the child how to carry the tray with the thumbs on top and the fingers supporting the underside of the tray.
  3. The child places the tray on the table.
  4. Using your dominant hand remove the objects from the tray placing them on the table mat in order of use. That is, the mirror,  the window cleaning liquid, the ear bud, the cloth.
  5. Bring the bottle forward with your left hand. Support the base with your left hand and with your right hand using quarter turns, show the child how to unscrew the bottle.
  6. Drop a few drops of cleaning liquid onto the mirror.
  7. Close the bottle again using quarter turns.
  8. Hold the ear bud in a pincer grip and spread the liquid onto a small area of the mirror.
  9. Place the earbud down.
  10. Place your fingers, nail side down into the centre of the cloth. Firstly, fold the left-hand side of the cloth over the fingers gripping it with the thumb to hold it in place.
  11. Repeat with the right hand side of the cloth.
  12. Finally fold over the tip of the cloth and again support this fold with your thumb.
  13. Now, polish the small section of the mirror in circular movements until a shine appears. Admire yourself in the mirror indicating to the child that you can see yourself clearly.
  14. Show the child how to dispose of the dirty cloth and earbud by moving over to the table where the dirty laundry basket is kept and the dustbin. Show him where to throw the materials.
  15. Show the child where to get a clean earbud and cloth.
  16. Return to the table and show the child how to replace all the work back on to the tray.
  17. Invite the child to have a turn.

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