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Feb 162018


As a foundation for writing and arithmetic the child has learnt (in a cognitive fashion), “concrete” experiences through the sensorial and practical life lesson activities.  These are a vital precedent to beginning Maths activities as they introduce size and dimension through the senses.

We recommend you complete most of the lessons in the Practical Life and Sensorial areas before beginning Maths in ernest.

All these early sensorial and practical life activities which have brought order into the child’s mind, would be wasted were they not firmly established by means of written (abstract) language and of (abstract) figures, and this is described as the process of moving from “concrete” to “abstract”.

Once this process is established via the Montessori Method, the child is open to an unlimited field for future education. What we have done, therefore, is to introduce the child to “abstract” concepts through the a process of “concrete” cognition.

By contrast, in mainstream schooling methods we try to teach abstract concepts not yet grounded by relevant concrete experiences, and these “concrete” experiences and the progression of then into the “abstract” are an absolutely vital foundation to enable a child to progress to abstract learning in the first instance.

Similar to the process of building a house, by applying the Montessori Method in Maths, we establish a firm foundation first, to prevent the house from being structurally weak over time, even if the house appears all in order from the outside.

Aug 172015
World Humanitarian Day Aug 19

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Aug 032015

The atmosphere of harmony that exists in a Montessori classroom is a reflection of the spontaneous behaviour of the children who have a heightened awareness of each other and a natural tendency towards loving and caring, both as individuals and as a social group.

Oct 262014
National Arts Month

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Jun 272014
Lesson Idea => Independence Day 4 July

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Lesson Idea => World Oceans Day 8 June

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May 292014
Lesson Idea => World Oceans Day 8 June

Following on just after World Environment Day (WED) is World Oceans day on the 8th of June. What a great way to continue the discussion about our environment. Why not take some time to present your children with these MontessoriHelper “Endangered Ocean Animals” materials as part of an additional activity broadening on the original topic […]

Montessori Lesson Idea – World Whale Day

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Feb 152014

Whales are amongst the largest Mammals on Earth and can grow up to 18m in length. World Whale Day on the 15th of February is dedicated to celebrating whales, promoting their conservation, and educating the public about them. Here are some Montessori Inspired Presentation ideas based on the theme of World Whale Day Google for […]

Feb 042014
Olympic Games Montessori Materials

The Olympic Games happen once every four years. This is an excellent time to engage in discussions About culture and diversity in the context of Sports. Here are some Montessori Presentation ideas based on the Olympic Games theme • Watch the events when they are broadcast • Try these Montessori Inspired Olympic Maths Activities at […]

Jan 242014
What is the Montessori "Three Period Lesson"

Between the ages of birth to four-and-a-half, children are in a sensitive period for refining their senses. Children at this age are capable of learning to discern hundreds of qualities of the things around them as well as absorb information about things, such as learning their names.

One can take advantage of this particular interest that is unique to this age group. Introducing interesting things with their names through the “Three Period Lesson” harnesses the power of association within the subconscious which is one of the key building blocks for abstraction in later life.

Setting up a Montessori Environment at Home

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Jan 072013
Setting up a Montessori Environment at Home

The Montessori Method is also a philosophy. As a parent it is important to understand that everything we do with our children, how we interact with them and the environment they blossom within are key elements to this philosophy.

Nov 222012
99c Sale - European Landmarks

Montessori Nomenclature Cards (also know as three part cards) can be used for building Geographical concepts and thereby enhance a child’s natural affinity to learn. If you would like to put this into practise, why not take advantage of your special MontessoriHelper member offer and get these “European Landmarks” nomenclature cards for only 99c, or […]

Nov 102012
MontessoriHelper now available in Arabic !

Because of it’s benefits, the Montessori Method has become a global phenomenon over the years. MontessoriHelper supports this, and we have started a journey to make our Montessori Materials available in as many languages as possible, so that whatever language you speak, we hope to bring the benefits of the Montessori Method to you in […]

Lesson Idea => World Nature Conservation Day 28 July 2012

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Jul 092012

If you missed World Environment Day recently in June…. You can still take advantage of our Endangered Animals Dimesale And use these materials to talk about World Nature Conservation Day on 28 July. Here are a few practical discussion ideas for a presentation/lesson, you will be amazed how many more the children come up with […]

LessonIdea => Mandela Day 18 July 2012

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Jun 262012

  This is an annual international day on his birthday, on 18 July, adopted by the United Nations. Individuals, communities and organisations are asked to donate 67 minutes to doing something for others, Commemorating the 67 years that he gave to the struggle for social justice Why not join this celebration of Peace by presenting […]

Your Montessori Questions Answered

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Aug 262011
Your Montessori Questions Answered

Search Montessori Helper Loading Click here to find out how to sign up ! You will find a wealth of Montessori Information and advise on MontessoriHelper You will also find more then 250 Montessori Lessons and Materials If you can’t find what you are looking for try our search box above, you could type in […]

Montessori Visual Activities : Primary Colors Montessori Activity

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Oct 022008
Montessori Visual Activities : Primary Colors Montessori Activity

Montessori Visual Activities : Primary Colors Montessori Activity

Help your child learn primary colors with a color box Montessori material. Learn how to use color boxes in thisfree educational video clip about teaching visual skills with Montessori…

Montessori Language Activities : Montessori Sand Letters Activity

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Oct 022008
Montessori Language Activities : Montessori Sand Letters Activity

Montessori Language Activities : Montessori Sand Letters Activity

Using sand Montessori letters helps your child trace and remember each letter. Learn how to use sand letters in this free educational video about language Montessori methods. Expert: …