Montessori Lessons Age 3 to 9

Montessori Lessons for Ages 3 – 9

Oct 022017

ACTIVITY : Sandpaper Sounds / Letters


A set of square cardboards containing the sounds or the shapes of the letters of the alphabet in sandpaper.
The letters are written in lowercase.

Montessori Sandpaper Letters Lower Case

Montessori Sandpaper Letters Lower Case

5 of the cards are blue card, representing the vowels.
The remainders of the letters are on pink card.
A table mat.


To help the child recognize the shape of the letters and the sounds they make.


The roughness and smoothness of the sandpaper. The letter may be placed towards the right hand side of the card so that the child has a space to hold the card with his left hand.

AGE:3 ½  – 4 years approx.


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Aug 282015
The Montessori Red Rods Lesson Activity

The Montessori Red Rods are used to teach Length. There is a definite relation between the ten pieces of each series. In the material for length the shortest piece is a unit of measurement for all the rest; the second piece is double the first, the third is three times the first, etc., and, whilst the scale of length increases by ten centimeters for each piece, the other dimensions remain constant.