Nov 242015

Montessori Lesson

Pouring through a funnel presentation


Practical Life

Elementary Movements


3 – 4 years


A glass bottle, jug filled with (coloured) water, cloth.


To pour water through the funnel into the glass/bottle.


Fine motor skills, eye hand co-ordination, concentration, develop strength in fingers, develop pincer grip, visual discrimination, dexterity, bilaterality, crossing the midline,estimation,


  1. Invite the child to begin Work Cycle.
  2. The child places the tray on the mat in front of the adult.
  3. The adult pushes the tray to the top edge of the mat.
  4. With right hand, remove the glass, jug and cloth from the tray and place both on the mat.
  5. With right hand grasp the handle of the jug. The four fingers are through the handle and the thumb is positioned at the top of the handle.
  6. With your left hand hold the funnel just above the glass bottle ensuring that it does not rest in the bottle but that it is constantly supported by your left hand.
  7. Using your right hand lift the jug and bring it over to above the funnel.
  8. With your right hand, rotate the jug so that the water pours through the funnel into the glass. Indicate to the child with a deliberate look that enough water has been poured into the glass.
  9. When enough water has been poured into the glass through the funnel, rotate the jug to its original upright position
  10. Move the jug over to the right hand side of the mat and place it down.
  11. Move the funnel to the centre of the mat away from the glass/bottle.
  12. Pick the cloth in your right hand and dab any droplets from the funnel.
  13. Pick the glass/bottle up in your right hand and move it over to the jug.  Position it over the top of the jug and pour the water back into the jug.
  14. Pick the cloth up in your left hand and again dab any water droplets.
  15. Place the glass down on the mat to the left of the jug.
  16. Return the work to the tray.
  17. Bring tray to the centre of the mat.
  18. Invite the child to have a turn.
  19. End the work cycle


Spilling any of the water.

Overfilling the glass/bottle.


  • Pouring through a funnel:
  • into different shaped glasses.
  • into two stemmed glasses of equal size.
  • into two stemmed glasses of unequal size
  • Filling the sunlight bottles in the environment


Pouring different things such as beans,rice,salt.

Using different sizes of funnels.

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