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Montessori Lesson

Montessori Touch Tablets Presentation


Touch Tablets consist of 5 matching pairs of rectangular tablets with sandpaper covering one side. The sandpaper ranges from grainy smooth to heavily granular.


To help awaken the child’s tactile perceptual skills.

To aid the child’s fine motor by cultivating a lightness of touch.

To prepare the child for writing.


Each sandpaper tablet has a slightly different look and colour.


2 ½ years approx.


Individual exercise done at a table.

The child should wash his fingers or sensitise his fingers first.

Place the Touch Tablets from one set on the table feeling each one as you do so. Invite the child to feel the different textures.

Place these tablets in a pile on the left-hand side of the table. Remove the other 5 tablets from the box, telling the child that “these are the same as the first 5 tablets”. Place these tablets in a randomly arranged group on the right hand side of the mat. Avert your eyes.

Select one tablet from the left-hand group positioning it in front of you and try to feel for a match from the right hand group. Repeat this process until the selected tablet from the right hand group feels the same as the isolated tablet.


Show great satisfaction when the correct tablet has been located.  Say, “these tablets feel the same”.

Isolate the matched pair at the centre of the far edge of the mat.

Once the matching process has been completed, the child feels all the pairs again to verify the match


Take out all the tablets from one of the sets and tell the child that you are going to grade the tablets.

Spread the tablets out in random order running from left to right. With eyes averted, feel each tablet and locate the roughest tablet.

Place it to the left hand side of the mat.

Keep finding the next roughest tablet each time, building a graded row from left to right.

Invite the child to feel the graded row.

You can then use the second set and invite the child to grade them from left to right.

The child can check his graded row against yours by feeling both the sets.


Give a three period lesson on the comparatives and superlatives of “rough” and “smooth”

Use only three tablets at a time.

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