Oct 142015

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Colour box 3 Lesson Presentation


A box divided into 9 sections,containing seven shades of nine different colours:

Blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, black to white, brown

Neutral coloured work mat.


  • To refine the child’s perception of colour.
  • To develop visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • To develop fine motor co-ordination
  • To develop the pincer grip
  • To teach the different colour names and enlarge his vocabulary.


Visual- the child can see the differences.

The Montessori Directress.


4 years plus


Individual exercise done on a neutral coloured tablemat. Show the child how to carry the colour box to the work mat by supporting the bottom of the box with the fingers cupped under the box and the thumb on the top of the box.

Remove the lid and place it under the box at the top right hand corner of the mat.


Firstly, take three contrasting shades from the selected colour. Show the child how to grade the tablets from dark to light or vice versa. Place the tablets on the table so that the frames are on the top and bottom of the tablets.


As soon as the child can grade these three tablets, the Montessori Directress introduces all seven shades to the child. Place the tablets randomly on the table and proceed to grade them from darkest to lightest. Invite the child to have a turn.


The child may then grade any of the other nine colours but only one at a time until he has completed the box.


The child may use 2, 3,4 or all nine shades together.

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