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The Sandpaper Numbers



Montessori Sandpaper Numbers w/ Box
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Product Description

Ten sandpaper numerals 0-9 mounted on green board and presented in a wooden box.To teach the child the written symbol for numbers 1 – 10.

The numbers from one to ten in sandpaper mounted on green card.


To teach the child the numerals from one to ten.

To prepare the child for writing.


The control of error is tactile.

If the child’s finger moves off the sandpaper the difference in texture will be easily noticed.


3 ½ years approximately.


  1. Begin the work cycle.
  2. Ask the child to sensitise his fingers or to wash his hands in tepid water
  3. The child sits on your non-dominant side.
  4. The child carries the numbers to the table. Show him to remove the first three carefully from the box without scraping them.
  5. Feel the first number with a light, continuous movement with the middle and index fingers of your right hand, holding the board steady with your left hand.
  6. Proceed with a three period lesson remembering to carefully isolate the numbers in the first and third period.
  7. Each time a symbol is identified in any stage, it should be felt and then named by the child.


  1. Always remember to present one known and two unknown number symbols at a time.
  2. Always revise the previous numbers and then introduce the new numbers.


In tracing the sandpaper numbers, three of the senses are involved:

Tactile – feeling the number

Visual – seeing the number

Auditory – hearing the number

The child only starts to write the number when he has had a lot of practise with the tracing.


  1. Let the child trace the numbers in a container with flour or fine sand in it. (A high lipped baking tray works well)
  2. The child traces the sandpaper number and then traces the number into the mealie meal or sand, or into the air or even on the surface of the table.
  3. Show the child how to shake the container to smooth out the sand.
  4. Remember; do not correct the child.


  1. Allow the child to make a RAINBOW number by tracing around a single number a few times using different coloured crayons.
  2. The child must trace the number in the correct direction, preferably not lifting his pencil unless the number calls for that.


  1. The child can write in the booklet that the Montessori Directress has made for the child.
  2. The can be a cover saying, “My 5 book By…”
  3. Or “My 10 book By …”


  1. Blindfold the child or place the numbers under a cloth and allow the child to feel the numbers and to try to guess which number it is that they can feel.
  2. Alternatively, the Montessori Directress can ask the child to feel for a specific number.

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