Feb 062014

AREALanguageAGE5 – 5.5 Years

6 green picture cards (e.g. shed)
6 matching green word cards with the lower case writing in black.

A floor mat.

To introduce the blue reading cards.
To practise reading 3 letter phonetic words.

To Build vocabulary


  1. Invite the child to get a table mat. Tell the child that we are going to work with the “sh” phonogram box.
  2. Show the child the “sh” on the lid. Tell the child that when we put a S and a H together it makes a new sound, “sh”.
  3. Open the box and place the lid beside it.
  4. Remove the pictures from the box and tell the child what the pictures represent.( this is a shed, this is a shrimp, and so on)
  5. Lay the cards horizontally across the table from left to right.
  6. Take out the word cards, reminding the child what new sound we are working with for the day.
  7. The child sounds out the word and places the card below its corresponding picture.
  8. He continues matching all the cards.
  9. The Montessori Directress then invites the child to sound out and read all the cards from left to right.
  10. The words are collected in order from left to right and the pictures are collected randomly.
  11. Tell the child that he/she can work with any of the other phonogram boxes but to come and ask you what the new sound (visible on the lid), is.
  12. Replace the box and end the work cycle.


The card does not match the word.




Use the same method for all the other green phonogram box activities

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