Lesson Idea => Ozone Day 16 Sept


It is all around us and is vital to life on earth
Yet is is invisible
The Montreal Protocol was signed by the UN on 16 Sept to create
Measures that help protect the Ozone Layer

Here are a few practical discussion ideas for a presentation/lesson on this theme,

• “Do you use Ozone Friendly products at home”
• “Let’s Talk about the Montreal Protocol”
• “Let’s Talk about why the Ozone Layer is important for life on earth”
• Show pictures of Earth from Space
• Learn about different layers of the Atmosphere (see materials below)

The Materials you will need for this presentation are only a Dime.

To get your downloadable PDF all you need to do is :

=> Click on the promo image above
=> Use the shopping cart to pay a dime
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Size: Each Page is A4 in size and has two nomenclatures per page

Number of Pages : 12

Age : 3 to 9

Instructions for use :

  • Download the Montessori Nomenclature PDF file to your PC and then print it out.
  • Once you have printed the Montessori Nomenclature Cards, then cut them along the perforated lines.
  • For each page you will have cut out one card that has the description included in it and one card without the description.
  • You will also cut out the separate description tag, which is used for sequential matching.