Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Scrubbing table Presentation


Practical Life

Care of the Environment


3 to 5 years


Plastic bucket, soap, soap dish, apron, scrubbing brush, sponge, bowl, plastic mat, jug, drying cloth.

The materials are all kept inside the bucket.


To scrub the table.


Gross motor skills, working from left to right, developing concentration, to care for the environment, strengthen muscles in the arms and sequencing.


1.            Invite the child to begin the Work Cycle.

2.            Lay out the plastic mat beside the table and lay out the materials in order of use:

3.            Jug, bowl, scrubbing brush, soap in soap dish, sponge, cloth for drying table and hands.

4.            Ask the child to collect some water in the jug up to the water mark only.

5.            Show the child how to pour this into the bowl leaving a little in the jug.

6.            Pick up the scrubbing brush in your right hand and dip this into the water.

7.            Pick the soap up in your left hand.

8.            Apply some soap to the brush by rotating the brush on the soap in little circles.

9.            Return the soap to the dish.

10.         Begin to scrub the table in little circular motions beginning at the top left hand side of the table and working your way down the table in vertical lines. That is, working from left to right.

11.         Ensure that a good lather is created. If not, dip the brush into the water again and re-soap the brush.

12.         Dip the brush into the water again to rinse it.

13.         Give the brush a little shake to remove excess water.

14.         Pick the sponge up in your right hand and begin to wipe the table. Wipe from top to bottom in straight lines again, working your way across the table.

15.         Dip the sponge in the water and rinse it squeezing out any excess water

16.         Check the clean strip.

17.         Show the child how to clear up by pouring the dirty water into the bucket.

18.         Pour the remaining water in the jug, into the bowl.

19.         Swirl the water in the bowl and pour this into the bucket too.

20.         Dry the dish and the jug with the drying cloth.

21.         Ask the child to watch where you throw the dirty water. Toss this out on the flowers or on the lawn.

22.         Go back to the work area and  dry the bucket.

23.         Exchange the wet cloth for a dry cloth.

24.         Replace all the contents in the bucket and return this to its place in the environment. Invite the child to have a turn.


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