Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Setting Table Presentation


Practical Life

Care of the Environment


3 ½  to 6 years



Control chart

Knife, fork, cup, saucer, napkin, salt and pepper set, side plate.


To set the table for a meal.


Gross motor skills, developing concentration, to care for the environment, strengthen muscles in the arms, sequencing, bilaterality, crossing the midline, spatial orientation, birds eye view perspective.


1.            Invite the child to begin the Work Cycle.

2.            Ask the child to bring the work mat to the work the work mat just above the actual work area.

3.            Fetch the work on the tray. Place the tray on the seat of the chair and unpack the materials onto the plastic mat which is situated just above the work area.

4.            Unpack the control chart and lay it on the table.

5.            One by one, in no particular order, match the utensils onto the control chart.

6.            Stand back and admire the set table.

7.            Show the child how to pack away by removing the utensils from the tray one by one and placing them onto the mat.

8.            Lift the control chart and place this back into the tray.

9.            Place all the utensils back into the tray onto the control chart.

10.         Place the tray onto the table and invite the child to have a turn.






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