Feb 152014

Whales are amongst the largest Mammals on Earth and can grow up to 18m in length.

World Whale Day on the 15th of February is dedicated to celebrating whales, promoting their conservation, and educating the public about them.

Here are some Montessori Inspired Presentation ideas based on the theme of World Whale Day

  • Google for websites that showcase this event and share the details with your class.
  • Ask your children to bring as many facts as they can find about Whales and share them with the group.
  • Add your whale tale to http://www.tailsforwhales.org/
  • Learn about types of Whales by using these Types of Whales MontessoriHelper Materials
  • The Materials you will need for this presentation are only 99c. It’s our way of promoting the Montessori Philosophy of Respect for Nature.

    To get your downloadable PDF all you need to do is :
    => Click on the promotional image above
    => Use the shopping cart to pay a dime
    => When you have completed checkout you will be instantly redirected to your members area.
    => Your PDF file can then be downloaded straight from your MemberZone.

    Size: Each Page is A4 in size and has two nomenclatures per page

    Number of Pages : 41

    Age : 3 to 9

    Instructions for use :

    • Download the Montessori Nomenclature PDF file to your PC and then print it out.
    • Once you have printed the Montessori Nomenclature Cards, then cut them along the perforated lines.
    • For each page you will have cut out one card that has the description included in it and one card without the description.
    • You will also cut out the separate description tag, which is used for sequential matching.


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