Aug 032012


This competition is now closed.
Thanks for entering.
The winner has been announced here.

  9 Responses to “Enter the Montelympics here and WIN a Premium Unlimited Membership !”

  1. how to get montessori teacher training

  2. I would like to participate in the event! thanks for letting me know.

  3. I would be delighted to win this fantastic giveaway. All the material would be used to give the children a better insight to the games and so much more.

    A wonderful and very helpful site.

    Thank you for the material that you have already given.
    Warm regards

  4. this is my best site.

  5. i can’t imagine the love i have for montessorihelper site.

  6. This sounds like a wonderful deal. I would love to win this. I love you helpful ideas and products.

  7. Montessori method of teaching is best for kids it different from traditional method

  8. my experience of using this type of teaching method has helped me a has affected my way of thinking n the performance of children. am proud to be a Montessori teacher( facilitator)

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