Mar 202018


The sandpaper globe

Bowl of water for sensitising the fingers.

Drying cloth.



To introduce the child to the concept that the earth is made of land and water.



3 – 6 years



  1. This is an individual or group exercise.
  2. Ask the children to wash their hands or to sensitise their finger tips. Show the children how to carry the sandpaper globe to the table with one hand supporting the base and the other supporting the globe.
  3. Put both your hands over the globe, feeling the shape of the “earth” and invite the children to feel the shape of our planet. We call our planet, Earth. Tell the children that this is the shape of our Earth.
  4. Trace around all the lands including the small bits and tell the child that this is all land. Feel the smooth part with your whole hand and tell the child that this is the water.
  5. Invite the child to do the same.
  6. Do a brief three period lesson on the land and water, saying “ Show me the land. Show me the water.”
  7. In the third period point to the land and say “ what is this?” and point to the water and say “ what is this”?


The rough sandpaper acts as a control. The children can feel when their fingers have gone off the sandpaper.

Montessori Lesson

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