Mar 202018


To help the children sort and classify.
To show the children the difference between living and non-living things.
To show children the relevance of classification.


3 – 6 years approx.


A set of pictures of obvious LIVING (wild animals, domestic animals, plants, humans etc.)
And NON-LIVING (bicycle, wall, rock, etc.) things
These should be mounted on white card.
The card should measure about 14cm x 10 cm.
Each card should be laminated.


  1. This is an individual exercise.
  2. Place the heading cards at the top of the table or floor mat.
  3. Discuss the fact that living things: eat, move, reproduce, breathe and grow.
  4. Show the child one picture at a time, and ask the child if they think the picture is of a living or non-living thing.
  5. Show the child how to place the card in the appropriate column.
  6. Once the child has sorted the cards, show the child how to check the control of error at the back to see that the categories all match.


A dot or appropriate colour coding at the back of each card.


The child can make his own chart of living and non-living things by cutting pictures out of a magazine.
The child pastes them onto their appropriate columns
Alternatively, the child can draw pictures of living and non-living things.

Montessori Lesson

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