Apr 072013

AREA : The Arts
AGE : 3 – 9 Years

Montessori Helper

Download Art Step 2 -Level 2 Materials that go with this presentation (The 6 pairs in each folder all have the same subject matter. Examples for each of the several folders follow:

  • 6 companion pairs of children
  • 6 companion pairs of abstract paintings
  • 6 companion pairs of paintings of flowers
  • This is a gradual transition from subject clues to style clues.
  • The child can no longer use subject clues. The colours may also be similar.)


  • To Match the Cards


  • Visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • Appreciation of great art


  1. Remove the cards from the level 3 step 2, folder. They are usually kept in the left pocket of the folder. They may have a red dot on the lower left-hand corner of the cards.
  2. Lay the first set out in a vertical or horizontal row.
  3. Discuss with the child the painting commenting on the colours, the content. Tell the children you are looking at the artist’s style – that is the special way that it was painted.
  4. The children have to look for two similar paintings by the same artist.
  5. The paintings are not identical but they are similar in style. There are 3 different artists that have done these paintings.
  6. Remove the second set of cards from the right hand pocket and carefully look for its matching artist. These may have a black dot on them.
  7. Check the reverse side to ensure that they are in fact both by the same artist
  8. Once you have found its match, place the pairs beside one another.
  9. Show the child how to put the left-hand row back into the pouch. Show the child how to muddle up the other set and also how to return the right hand row into the right hand side of the pouch.
  10. Invite the child to have a turn.

The cards are not matched

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