Apr 012013

AGE : 3 – 9 Years

Montessori Helper

Download Art Step 2 -Level 2 Materials that go with this presentation (The 4 paintings by one artist must be similar to each other in both style and subject. At the same time, the 4 paintings must be very different in subject and style from the 4 paintings by each of the other two artists included in the folder. For e.g. You may have the following:

  • 4 paintings of ballet dancers by Degas
  • 4 abstract paintings by Miro.
  • 4 paintings by Michelangelo)


  • To Match the Cards


  • Visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • Appreciation of great art


  1. Remove the cards from the level 1 step 3, folder. They are usually kept in the left pocket of the folder. They may have a yellow dot on the lower left-hand corner of the first card including a green dot, a red dot and a black dot on each set of the artist’s cards. In the first set (yellow dot) the artist’s name may be written. Discuss the artist’s name and associate his painting with his name.
  2. Lay the first set out in a vertical or horizontal row.
  3. Discuss with the child the painting commenting on the style of that particular artist – that is the special way that it was painted.
  4. The children have to look for four similar paintings by the same artist.
  5. Check the reverse side to ensure that they are in fact all by the same artist
  6. Once you have found the matching three cards, place them all beside one another.
  7. Show the child how to put the 4 sets away in the pouch with 4 pockets.
  8. Invite the child to have a turn.

The cards are not matched

Discuss with the children why they think an artist likes to paint a particular scene. Discuss how an artists life might influence his art – what were the circumstances like at that particular period in the Artist’s life?

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