Apr 012013
NAME OF MONTESSORI ACTIVITY Art Step 4 – Learning the Names of Famous Artists
AREA The Arts
AGE 3 – 9 Years
MATERIALS Montessori Helper

Art Step 2 -Level 2 Materials

(This step is designed for children who can read or are learning to read. It allows them to become familiar with the names of many well –known artists by focusing on a particular subject, such as “little Boys” or “Little Girls”. They look how 6 different artists treated the same subject matter. The cards should reflect each artist’s style for which he is well known.)

  • To Match the Cards
  • Visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • Appreciation of great art
  1. Remove the cards from step 4 folder. Print the name of the artist below the painting on one set. These are the Control cards.
  2. The remaining cards do not have the names printed on them.
  3. Print the names on separate labels for the second set of cards.
  4. The Control cards are kept in the left pocket of each folder.
  5. The second set of cards and labels are kept in the right hand side pocket.
  6. Begin with a folder from an artist that you have previously spoken about.
  7. Place the control cards in a vertical row saying each artist’s name out aloud as you handle his painting.
  8. Remove the second set and place each one beside the identical painting.
  9. Remove the name cards and select each artist’s name by consulting the control set. Place each name card below the painting.
  10. When the layout is complete, point out to the child that each pair of paintings and names are identical.
  11. Invite the child to have a turn.
  12. As a further challenge:
  13. Place the unlabelled cards in a row and show the child how to match the name to the card.
  14. Use the control cards and place these below each painting to check for correct matching. Invite the child to have a turn.
CONTROL OF ERROR The cards are not matched

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