Apr 012013
NAME OF MONTESSORI ACTIVITY Art Step 6 – Learning about the Schools of Art
AREA The Arts
AGE 3 – 9 Years
MATERIALS Montessori Helper

Art Step 2 -Level 2 Materials

(The children can begin to recognise the work of some of the major artists. These artist come to represent different schools of art. A school of art, is a group of artists whose paintings show a general similarity of style.

  • · French impressionistic Paintings
  • · 17th century Dutch Paintings
  • · 18th century British Portraits
  • · Geometric Abstract Paintings
  • · Primitive Paintings
  • · Japanese Paintings)
  • To learn the names of 6 different schools of art.
  • Visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • Broaden his cultural knowledge
  1. Begin with about 6 selected schools of art that are familiar to the child.
  2. Lay out the set out in a vertical or horizontal row.
  3. Ask the child if he notices any similarities about all the paintings.
  4. Tell the child that all the paintings in that folder were done by artists who worked in a particular place and used a particular style. Therefore we say they belong to a particular school of art.
  5. Point to the name of the school on the folder and find the location of that school on a world map.
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