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Montesori ArtMontessori Art Cards Step 1 Level 1
Montessori Art – Art Step 1 Level 1 Age 3 to 6 :

Category: The Arts, Downloadable PDF.

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Size: Each Page is A4 in size and has two nomenclatures per page

Number of Pages : 6

Age : 3 to 6

Instructions for use :

  • Download the Montessori Nomenclature PDF file to your PC and then print it out.
  • Once you have printed the Montessori Nomenclature Cards, then cut them along the perforated lines.
  • You should laminate the cards if you can, if you cannot you can paste them onto a piece of firm cardboard paper.
  • For each page you will have cut out one card that has the description included in it and one card without the description.
  • You will also cut out the separate description tag, which is used for sequential matching.

  3 Responses to “Montessori Art Materials Art Step 1 Level 1 Cards Age 3 to 6”

  1. Hi, I couldn’t download the file. It shows progress – 100%, but then it’s stuck and can’t be opened.

  2. I managed 🙂

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