Nov 202012

Montessori Cards and Counters


One set of Numeral cards 1 to 10.

A box of 55 counters of green color.


Provide further practice in counting and associating the correct number of object with the numerals.

See if the child can place the numeral in the correct order.

Introduce child to the idea of odd and even numbers.

Indirect preparation for divisibility of numbers.


There is no control of error in the cards, but the pattern will show the numbers getting bigger and also there are exactly the right numbers of counters – 55.

Visual image of the pattern of the counters.

Child’s knowledge of the sequence of numbers.

AGE: 3 – 5 years approx.
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  • Directress then invites the child to count and place the appropriate numbers of counters under the numeral cards.
  • When the child finishes placing the counters, the Directress pushes all the even number cards and counters down to differentiate the odds and even.
  • The Directress then proceeds to explain the child about odd and even numbers.
  • “Look 1 has no partner. 2 have a partner, 3 have no partner, and 4 have a partner” Referring to the last set of counters under each numeral cards.
  • The ones that has a partner are even numbers and the ones without partners are odd numbers.
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