Oct 142015

Montessori Lesson

Montessori Colour Wheel Lesson Presentation


Colour box 3 : A box divided into 9 sections,containing seven shades of nine different colours:

Blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, black to white, brown

Round plate for the centre


  • To refine the child’s perception of colour.
  • To develop and refine visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • To develop fine motor co-ordination
  • To develop the pincer grip
  • To teach the different colour names and enlarge his vocabulary.


Visual- the child can see the differences.

The Montessori Directress.


4 years plus


  1. Individual exercise done on a neutral coloured floor mat.
  2. Remove one set of colours from the box and place the tablets vertically on the mat from darkest to lightest. Remind the child how we grade the colours.
  3. Remove all the different hues of each colour.
  4. Place a round object in the middle of a second mat, and help the child find the darkest shade of each colour. Place these dark tablets around the circle.
  5. The white edges of all the tablets should be touching.
  6. The child then selects the darkest tablet, one at a time, of each hue and each tablet is placed under its corresponding row. In this way, a star – shaped pattern is created, decreasing in intensity from the centre outwards.

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