Nov 202012

Montessori Lesson


4.5 to 5 years


Any Environment that has objects in it.


To define the function of the noun through an activity.


To show the child the nouns on reading cards.

To experience the function of the noun.


  1. This is a group activity. Gather about 6 children. Tell the child that we are going to work on the floor.
  2. The Montessori Directress says to each child, “ Please can you bring me a …umm, umm”. At this point the Montessori Directress seems indecisive, deliberately looking around the room for something.
  3. The child may get impatient and name a few things she thinks that you want such as a “bag, a mat, a crayon”.
  4. The Montessori Directress refuses their suggestions a few times saying, “No, that’s not what I want.”
  5. Eventually the Montessori Directress says, “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, a block.”
  6. She consolidates the lesson by saying, “Did you see how difficult it was to know what to bring me until I named the object?” “That’s because I have to NAME the object and those types of words are called “Naming” words or verbs. They are very important types of words.
  7. Repeat the exercise briefly but this time naming what it is you want and ask the children if this way is easier?



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