Nov 202012
ACTIVITY: Montessori First Noun Game
MATERIALS: Montessori Helper

No Materials Required

This Game is best done in a Group but can be done individually

OBJECTIVES: To define the function of the noun through an activity.

To show the child the nouns on reading cards.

To experience the function of the noun.

AGE: 4 – 6 years approx.
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  • Eventually the Montessori Directress says, “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, a tray.”
  • She consolidates the lesson by saying, “Did you see how difficult it was to know what to bring me until I named the object?” “That’s because I have to Name the object and those types of words are called “Naming” words or Nouns. They are very important types of words.
  • Repeat the exercise briefly but this time naming what it is you want and ask the children if this way is easier?


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