Mar 012018

Montessori Lesson


4.5 to 5 years


A selection of verb or action words, in a basket.
The verbs are written in lower case on red card.
The card measures 11cm by 6cm.
A floor mat.


To define the function of the verb through an activity.


To experience the function of the verb.
To associate the function of the verb through the use of the red coloured cardboard.


  1. This is a group activity. Gather about 6 children. Tell the child that we are going to work on the floor at the mat.
  2. The Montessori Directress hands each child a card, and asks each child to read his card and to perform the action.
  3. The rest of the group tries to guess each child’s action.
  4. The children might respond with suggestions from the action card, with examples such as, clap, wink, blink, stand, jump, hop, run, nod, sit, tug, yell, skip.
  5. As the children guess the correct answer, so the Montessori Directress tells the children, “Yes, Marie’s verb card is jump and so she jumped.”
  6. The Montessori Directress consolidates the lesson by saying, “Did you notice, each child had an action card that told them which action to do, and we could guess the ACTION. ACTION words are also known as VERBS.
    Thank the children for playing the Verb game with you.



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