May 152011

Montessori Music Flash Cards

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As computers were not commonplace at the time that Montessori wrote her methods, it is suggested that this step is not “purist” Montessori. It is however, an optional additional step which can be considered in the context of our modern technological environment. It is suggested that when using interactive materials like these in the Montessori Method, the practitioner familiarise him/herself with the Method either through training or reading about it, in order to improve the outcomes and learning of the child.

  4 Responses to “Montessori Interactive Materials, Musical Instruments, Age 6 to 9”

  1. Do you have nomenclature cards for instruments of the orchestra for 3-6 year olds? I would like a set for our preschool. Thanks

    • Thanks for you comment Jane.
      We have Musical Instruments, and some of them are orchestra instruments.
      We do not have specific Orchestra Instuments materials as yet though.
      We will add them to our catalogue in the next week.

  2. Why can’t i access the interacive materials in spite of the fact that i”m a premium member. I tried severally to enter the password in the box as instructed but it didn’t work. Help. pls. Thanks.

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