Nov 192012
ACTIVITY: Montessori Land and Water Forms
MATERIALS: Montessori Land Forms
ccessive rod is bigger by 10cm.
The rods represent fixed quantities.
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8 (or 10) land and water forms of the following:

island and lake

cape and bay

peninsula and gulf

isthmus and strait.

(archipelago and series of lakes)

The land may be made from clay, which is waterproofed and sprayed, brown.

A jug of blue-coloured water, a tray and a drying cloth.

OBJECTIVES: To introduce the child to the many land and water forms on the earth.To give the child a concrete experience of the various forms.

Learning the simple definitions of the various landforms.

AGE: 4 – 6 years approx.
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Presentation 2

Present the cape and bay in exactly the same way. Thereafter, the peninsula and gulf, isthmus and strait, and lastly archipelago and a series of lakes.

Extension 1

This is a bridging exercise where the child matches the 10 forms to the land and water form cards. Lay the trays out in pairs from the top of the mat to the bottom.

Give the child a card and let him try to find the concrete match. He places the card beside the form. Alternatively, show the child the landform and let him find the matching card. If the cards are made out of sandpaper, he may even feel the form as a control of error.

You may want to keep mentioning the name of the land and water forms as the child manages to match them.

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