May 112011


Montessori Puzzle Map Africa

Puzzle maps of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


To introduce the child to a sensorial activity related to working with the countries/ continents of the world.

To stimulate an interest in the systematic study of the world and its peoples.

To show that the world’s land has been divided by name and by government.


3 – 6 years


Invite the child to work with the puzzle map.

Start with the child’s own continent. Introduce the map at a sensory level.

Show the child how to remove the map from the stand and how to carry it.

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Do a three period lesson on the various names of the many countries of Africa.


Have a discussion on the continent as a whole and then on each country in that continent.

Do the NEEDS OF MAN related to this continent or to a particular country.


For the reading child provide written labels of the different countries.

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