Feb 162018

Montessori Lesson


2.5 to 3 years approx.


Mystery bags A, B, C.
Solid objects, e.g. cubes, cylinders and spheres – several of each.
A bag and a felt mat.
Set of objects similar in shape but different in size, e.g. buttons. There should be several of each size and a few small dishes.
Set of objects, different in size and shape, e.g. pasta, small beads, dried peas or beans. There should be several of each shape and size and a few small dishes
A bag containing a collection of small familiar objects, e.g. teaspoon, cotton reel, large button, ring, marble, and coin. (Vary the contents of the bag from time to time as this exercise is very popular with young children)


To educate the stereognostic sense


Language development
Ex. 1 prepares the child directly for geometry.


  1. Place the felt mat on the table.
  2. Remove the solids one by one feeling each solid.
  3. Invite the child to feel the solids.
  4. Replace them in the bag, find for example a cube, and place it on the mat.
  5. Then find another cube in the bag and place it beside the first cube so that the child can see the objective of the exercise.
  6. Invite the child to find a matching pair from the bag.


The Montessori Directress presents the dish containing the objects from Set 2, i.e. buttons. Show the child how to feel and sort the objects into the small dishes. When the child understands the exercise, ask him to do it with his eyes closed.

Game 1

This is a game. The Montessori Directress sits at the table and the children sit in a circle around her.
The Montessori Directress empties the bag on the table and the children see the contents. Then she puts the contents back into the bag and invites the children one at a time, to come and close their eyes, put their hands into the bag, pick any object and name it, before removing it from the bag. The child must say what the object is by feeling it and not seeing it.

Game 2

Vary the objects in the bag and play the game without showing the children the contents beforehand.


Visual, the paired objects should all look the same.

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