Feb 192018


3.5 Years


10 wooden rods coloured red and blue
Each successive rod is bigger by 10cm.
The rods represent fixed quantities.
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To teach the child the concrete concept of one to ten.


To teach him sequencing from one to ten.


  1. Begin the work cycle.
  2. Ask the child to lay out a floor mat.
  3. The child carries the rods to the mat holding them in the same manner as with the red rods.
  4. Tell the child that the red sections should be at the left-hand side of the mat.
  5. Ask the child to build a stair just as he did with the red rods.
  6. Once the stair has been built, push the rods to the top of the mat keeping only the first three rods in the front of the mat.
  7. Do a three period lesson with the one, two and three rod.
  8. The Montessori Directress should touch each section of the rod as she presents the numbers.
  9. Ask the child to touch each section as he counts them too.
  10. Remember to isolate the rods in the first and third period.
  11. Always remember to present one known and two unknown number rods at a time.
  12. The child should always build the rods in sequence and the Montessori Directress removes the relevant rods from the constructed stair, so that the child can see where the rods fit into sequence


The stair.
The colours of the rods

Montessori Lesson

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