Nov 202012

Montessori Seguin Board A with Beads


Sequin Board A

Number cards 1 – 9

The Short Bead Stair

Nine, Ten bead bars

A floor mat


To associate the quantities and symbols from 11 – 19.


The three period lesson.

AGE: 4 – 5 years approx.
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  • Ask the child to make to make 11 on the board with the number cards.
  • Ask the child, “what number comes after 11?”
  • The child makes 12 with the beads first laying them out as before.
  • He then forms the number on the board as before.
  • Carry on until you have worked with the quantity that corresponds with the previous two Seguin A presentations, eventually working towards
  • Invite the child to practise this on his own.
  • End the work cycle.
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