Nov 202012

Montessori Static Addition with Golden Beads

MATERIALS: Montessori Helper

A bank of Golden Beads

A set of large number cards

Three sets of small number cards

A felt lined tray for each child

2 tables – one for the beads (bank)

one for the cards

One floor mat (the operations mat)


To teach the child about addition in the concrete form.



AGE: 4 – 6 years approx.
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  • One child brings down the units from the top of the mat, places them all together, and counts them.
  • The child collects and places the corresponding large number cards below the beads.
  • The second child brings down the tens, counts them and places the corresponding number cards below them.
  • The hundreds and thousands are brought down and counted and labelled as before.
  • When all the beads are counted and all the corresponding quantities in number cards have been places below them, the cards are then overlapped.
  • The large overlapped cards are then placed below the small number cards, which have remained on the right hand side of the mat.
  • The Montessori Directress then recaps, saying “We started with 1431 beads and added 1232 and now we have a larger number, 2663.”
  • Always restate the sum, pointing out to the children that two numbers were added together to make one large number. This is reflected in the size of the cards.
  • End the work cycle.
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