Mar 312016

Montessori Lesson


Touch Board 1 – there are two sections, one rough and one smooth
Touch Board 2 – there are 5 strips of the same texture sandpaper alternating along the length of the board with 4 smooth varnished areas.
Touch Board 3 – there are 4 different textures, from slightly rough sandpaper to very rough sandpaper.


To help awaken the child’s tactile perceptual skills.


To aid the child’s fine motor by cultivating a lightness of touch.
To prepare the child for writing.


2.5 years approx.


Individual exercise done at a table.

  1. The child should wash his fingers or sensitise his fingers first.
  2. Present touch board 1 first.
  3. Position the board so that the smooth side is on the left-hand side.
  4. With eyes averted, lightly brush the tips of the fingers of one hand over the smooth surface, pulling your hand towards yourself from far to near. Say “smooth”.
  5. Do the same with the “Rough” section. Invite the child to feel the different textures.
  6. Do a three period lesson with the words: smooth and rough.
  7. Present Touch Board 2 next.
  8. Stroke the board in the same way alternatively saying “ rough, smooth, rough, smooth”
  9. Let the child feel this board.
  10. Again, do a three period lesson with rough and smooth.
  11. Present Touch Board 3 next.
  12. The smoothest sandpaper strip is on the left-hand side with the roughest on the right hand side. Brush your fingertips over the first strip from top to bottom and say “rough”.
  13. As you feel each strip of sandpaper so you will say “rougher, rougher, roughest”
  14. Use a three period lessonto reinforce the comparative and superlatives remembering to always follow the same sequence.


If his fingers go off the sandpaper, he will feel the contrast.

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