Nov 242015

Montessori Lesson


Practical Life


3.5 years


Soap pad
Small beads in a container


Tweezing beads from container onto suckers of a soap pad.


Eye hand co-ordination
Develop pincer grip
Patience and concentration
Strengthen fingers


  1. Invite the child to begin Work Cycle.
  2. The child places the tray on the mat in front of the adult.
  3. The adult pushes the tray to the top edge of the mat.
  4. Remove the container and place on the left of the mat, the soap pad on the right and the tweezers to the front of the mat.
  5. Grasp tweezers in a pincer grip with thumb on left grip and index finger on the right grip.
  6. Position tweezer over the bowl and tweeze one bead securing by applying gentle pressure on right and left grips.
  7. Move hand over to the first sucker on soap pad and lower tweezer. Place bead on sucker by gently releasing pressure on the grips.
    Repeat procedure moving from left to right until the suckers on soap pad have been filled.
  8. To return the beads to the container, tweeze the beads one at a time from each of the suckers into the container working from left to right.
  9. Replace the container on the left of the tray, the soap dish to the right and the tweezers in front.
  10. Bring tray to the centre of the mat.
  11. Invite the child to have a turn.
  12. End the work cycle.


Spilling beads
Picking up (with fingers) spilt beads


Tweezing smaller articles such as rice


Tweezing different articles onto different surfaces/containers

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