Aug 032015
Montessori Lesson


Practical Life


3 to 6 years


An elliptical line on the floor.
The music for this exercise should be soft background music with no defined rhythm or strong contrast in loudness and softness.
As the exercise progresses from stage to stage, objects from the environment will be handed to the children to carry.
These must be gathered together in advance and placed on a table.e.g. Flags, parts of the pink tower, bells, tumbler of water, other items filled with water.


To refine the control of movement
To enhance equilibrium
Using both sides of the brain
Control of movements


Stage 1

The music is started and the directress starts to walk on the line and the children follow. The Montessori Directress goes to the center of the ellipse and gives the stopping signal. She asks the children to be aware of any bunching up and when they have done so to stretch out their arms to make space between themselves.

Stage 2

The music is started and the Montessori Directress demonstrates the heel to toe step.

As the Montessori Directress walks around the ellipse using the heel to toe step, she invites the children to join her until all the children are participating.

The exercise will continue until the children show signs of disinterest.

The children will be invited to continue their work.

Stage 3

The music will start and the Montessori Directress will hand each child a flag to hold in his hand.

The Montessori Directress will show the children how to hold the flags correctly.

Once the children have had enough the Montessori Directress will take the flags from the children and replace them on the table.

Stage 4

The music is started and the children begin to walk with the Montessori Directress.

The capable children are given a solid object such as a bell or a few blocks of the Pink Tower/ a tumbler of water and the likes, to carry.

This will depend on their capability and the stage at which the child is.

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