Feb 042014

The Olympic Games happen once every four years.

This is an excellent time to engage in discussions
About culture and diversity in the context of Sports.

Here are some Montessori Presentation ideas based on the Olympic Games theme

• Watch the events when they are broadcast
• Try these Montessori Inspired Olympic Maths Activities at livingmontessorinow.com
• Learn about the (Summer and Winter) Olympic Sports by downloading and presenting these free materials

Size: Each Page is A4 in size and has two nomenclatures per page

Number of Pages : 62 + 15

Age : 3 to 9

Instructions for use :

  • Download the Montessori Nomenclature PDF file to your PC and then print it out.
  • Once you have printed the Montessori Nomenclature Cards, then cut them along the perforated lines.
  • For each page you will have cut out one card that has the description included in it and one card without the description.
  • You will also cut out the separate description tag, which is used for sequential matching.


  2 Responses to “Olympic Games Montessori Materials”

  1. Thanks a lot

  2. These look lovely. I have an area setup with books and a map for the kids to look up countries as they watch. They also love studying the flags and are asking about the sports.

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