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The Montessori Treasure Basket Activity for Infants

AREA Language
AGE 6 Months – 18 Months
MATERIALS TreasureBasket

Wicker Basket containing some household items such as a Whisk, Tennis Ball, Nail Brush, Scourer, Sponge, a small bottle, a spoon.

You can use just about any household item that is safe, and you can also rotate the items from time to time.

picture of the materials



DIRECT AIM Developing Vocabulary
INDIRECT AIM Gross motor co-ordination, control of movements, concentration.
  1. When the infant is facing you place the Work Mat between you and the child and place the basket on the Mat.
  2. Remove an Object from the Basket, placing it on the mat and putting the basket aside.
  3. Show the object to the child by holding it in their natural line of vision and pause momentarily when you have the child’s attention, then clearly articulate the name of the object to the child in a normal fashion

      (without using “baby-talk”)…for example. “Whisk”.

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