Dec 152012

Montessori Lesson

NAME OF MONTESSORI ACTIVITY The Montessori Drinking Water From a Cup Activity for Infants
AREA Practical Life
AGE 1 – 3 Years
MATERIALS Strong Small Glass Cup

Strong Small Glass Jug

Work mat.

DIRECT AIM Developing Practical Life Skills
INDIRECT AIM Fine motor co-ordination, control of movements, concentration, confidence.
  1. Prepare the activity tray in advance by half filling the small jug with water.
  2. Assist the infant to fetch a work matt and place it on the floor.
  3. Assist the infant to fetch the activity tray from the Montessori Cabinet
  4. Sit on opposite side of the matt to the infant
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    The water does not go into the cup.


    The infant spills the water when drinking


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