Jan 222013
NAME OF MONTESSORI ACTIVITY The Montessori Small Stick Posting Activity for Infants
AREA Sensorial
AGE 1 – 3 Years
MATERIALS Wooden Craft Match Sticks

Work Mat.


Large Glass Salt Shaker

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INDIRECT AIM Gross motor co-ordination, control of movements, concentration.
  1. Assist the infant to fetch a work mat and place it on the floor.
  2. Assist the infant to fetch the activity tray from the Montessori Cabinet
  3. Sit on opposite side of the mat to the infant
  4. Remove all the craft match sticks from the salt shaker and place them on the mat next to it.
  5. Hold up the salt shaker in the infant’s natural line of vision and pause momentarily when you have the child’s attention, then place (“post”) a single craft match stick into the bottle.
  6. Now hold the bottle in front of the infant and give them a craft match stick so that they can place it in the salt shaker
  7. As the infant improves in confidence place the salt shaker on the work mat in front of the infant so that he can do it unassisted.
  8. When the infant has ceased to be interested in the activity, assist the infant to place the activity tray back in the Montessori Cabinet
  9. As the infant progresses over time with this activity, you can assist less and less and eventually he will be able to perform all the tasks above unassisted.
CONTROL OF ERROR The stick does not go into the bottle

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