Cutting Flowers

Montessori Lesson


Practical Life


3.5 to 5 years


2 glass vases.
Jug to fill vase.
Plastic work mat
Paper towel
Drying cloth
Secateurs or small pair of scissors.
Basket for collecting the flowers.


To pick flowers.


Fine motor skills
Developing concentration
To care for the environment
Strengthen muscles in the arms and sequencing
Reasoning skills.


  1. Invite the child to begin the Work Cycle.
  2. Take the basket and pair of scissors outside.
  3. Show the child how to choose a suitable flower.
  4. Hold the plant just below the flower with your left hand and with your right hand show the child how to trace down the stem of the flower.
  5. Move your left hand down to meet your right hand and exchange hands.
  6. Pick the scissors up in your right hand and snip the plant just below the position of your hand.
  7. Place this into the basket and return indoors.


  1. Lay out the plastic mat on the table and place the vase on it.
  2. Ask the child to fetch some water in the jug indicating the water mark.
  3. Show the child how to pour the water into the vase leaving a little space in the top for displacement once the flowers are added.
  4. Use the drip cloth to catch any water droplets on the jug.
  5. Pick the flower up in your right hand and hold it against the side of the vase.
  6. Show the child how to measure the flower for size and to trim the flower should it be too long.
  7. Show him how to place the cut stems into the paper towel, which will later be discarded.
  8. Run your hand down the stem of the flower taking off any excess foliage.
  9. Add this into the paper towel.
  10. Place the flower into the vase and admire it.
  11. Place the vase on a table where there will be no danger of the plant being knocked over.
  12. Return all the materials to the tray.
  13. Show the child how to fold the paper towel so that the foliage does not fall out, and show him how to dispose of it.
  14. Fetch a clean square of paper towel. Fold it twice, and place it on the tray together with the other materials.
  15. Invite the child to have a turn.


If the child has poured too much water into the vase, the water will spill when he carries the vase.
If the child has cut the flower too short, it will not touch the water once it is placed into the vase.


Show the child how to collect and cut vegetables from the garden.Show the child how to trim flowers or bushes, of their dead leaves.


Cutting different types of flowers including wearing gloves for rose bush cutting.