Pouring Water

Montessori Lesson


Practical Life


2 ½ to 3 years


Two identical jugs Water A cloth Tray and mat.


Pouring water from the right hand jug into the left-hand jug then from left jug into right jug. A cloth is to be used to wipe the lip of the jugs.


Concentration Eye–hand co-ordination Patience Hand control Eye convergence


  1. Invite the child to begin Work Cycle.
  2. The child places the tray on the mat in front of the adult.
  3. The adult pushes the tray to the top edge of the mat.
  4. Remove the jugs one by one from the tray to the mat with the dominant hand in fluid movements ensuring the full jug is on the right.  The cloth is placed at the front of the jugs.
  5. Grasp the handle of the jug with the index and middle fingers of the right hand.  The right thumb is placed on top of the handle.
  6. Stabilise the underside of the jug with index and middle fingers of the left hand.
  7. Gently tilt and pour.
  8. Wipe lip with cloth.
  9. Replace jug and cloth on mat, cloth in front.
  10. Repeat for other hand.
  11. Replace jugs one by one on the tray ensuring full jug is on the right.
  12. Place cloth to the back of jugs.
  13. Place tray on centre of mat.
  14. Invite the child to have a turn
  15. End the work cycle.


Spilling water.


Pouring into smaller jugs.


Pouring coloured water Pouring milk.