Seguin Tables – Tens Board


Montessori Seguin Board B with Beads

MATERIALS: image[4]

Sequin Board B

45 Ten Bead Bar Beads

A floor mat


To associate the quantities and symbols from 20 to 90


A fixed amount of Beads are provided.

AGE: 4 - 5 years approx.
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  • Ask the child to take a ten-bead bar from the box and place it on the mat, left of the top ten on the board.
  • Point to the twenty and ask the child what that is, affirm when he says it is twenty, and ask him to put twenty beads (that is two tens) next to the board on the left-hand side.
  • He makes thirty in the same way.
  • In other words, he identifies the symbol, counts out the appropriate amount of beads and places them in the correct place.
  • He does this for all the numbers up to 90.
  • End the work cycle.