Smelling Jars


Montessori Smelling Jars


Two wooden boxes each containing six smelling bottles each

The six, paired Smelling bottles, contain a different smelling essence, e.g. teatree, lavender water, etc.


To develop a sensorial awareness of smell.


The bottom of the bottles can be coded-coded to provide a control of error. The inside of the lids are coloured in a similar way to prevent the wrong lids being replaced on the wrong bottles and so mixing up the smells.

AGE: 3 - 6 years approx.
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  • First, she takes a bottle from side A, smell it, passes to the child to smell and says, 'we are looking for this smell'.
  • Encourage the child to go through the bottles on side B to find the matching bottles.
  • When a match is found, the pair of bottle is placed in the middle between the two rows of bottles.
  • Continue matching the two sets of bottles.