Vowel “I” Blue Series – Picture Word Box

AREALanguageAGE4 ½ years approx.

A box of about 6, four or more letter "blue" phonetic pictures. And 6 matching "blue" word cards.
A floor mat.

To further introduce the blue reading cards.
To practise reading 4 or more letter phonetic words.
To enhance the child’s vocabulary.

To Build vocabulary
To Read


  1. Invite the child to get a table mat. Tell the child that we are going work with the picture / word box.
  2. The child sits on your non-dominant side.
  3. The Montessori Directress opens the box, removes the pictures from the box, and places them horizontally on the table, from left to right, in front of the child.
  4. The Montessori Directress identifies the pictures.
  5. The Montessori Directress removes the word cards, replaces the lid on the box and puts it aside.
  6. The Montessori Directress takes the first card, shows it to the child, and asks him to sound out the word.
  7. As the child sounds out the word, so the Montessori Directress asks the child to go faster and faster, guiding his reading with her finger underneath the word.
  8. As the child starts to read faster and faster, so he eventually blends the word, and discovers for himself the word that he is reading.
  9. The Montessori Directress then asks the child to place the card under the matching picture.
  10. The Montessori Directress then places the next word card in front of the child, invites him to sound it out, to blend it, and to match it to its corresponding object.
  11. The exercise continues until all the cards have been read and picture and cards have been matched.
  12. Ask the child to sound out and to read through all the words again, starting from left to right, as a final check.
  13. Show the child how to collect all the cards from left to right and how to replace them in the box.
  14. He can also collect all the picture cards randomly and replace them into the box.
CONTROL OF ERROR The card does not match the word. EXTENSIONS   VARIATIONS