Jun 212014

Margaret Homfray Montessori Videos

A series of Video lectures recorded by Margaret Homfray who is a well known and knowledgeable proponent of the Montessori Method.

Topics covered include :

  • Introductory Talks on the Needs of the Baby and Young Child
  • Margaret Homfray – How to Give a Lesson
  • Introduction to Dimension through the Knobbed Cylinders
  • Further Study of Size through the Pink Tower, Broad Stair, and Long Rods
  • Advanced Study of Size through the Knobless Cylinders
  • Criteria for Quality Educational Materials
  • Introduction of Color through the Color Tablets
  • Introducing Terminology with the use of the Three Period Lesson
  • Introduction to shape through the Geometric Cabinet
  • Study of the Representation of Shape through the Geometric Cards
  • Study of the use of Shape in Tessellation
  • Study of Geometric Solids
  • Activities for refining the Sense of Touch
  • The Stereoagnostic Sense
  • Activities for Developing Awareness of Differences in Sound
  • The Binomial Cube
  • The Trinomial Cube
  • Overview of Practical Life
  • Dressing Frames
  • Walking the Line
  • The Silence Lesson
  • Setting up and Organising the Classroom
  • Starting the Year
  • Margaret Homfray Montessori

      9 Responses to “Margaret Homfray Video Lectures”

    1. Thank you so much for these videos.

    2. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to have a look!

    3. It is such a privilege to listen to Ms. Margaret Homfray, who was directly associated with Dr. Montessori. Thank you for making these videos available to us. God Bless!!

    4. What a JOYFUL and simplistic medium to refresh the mind and soul for those of us continually striving to be the BEST Montessorians possible!

    5. i believe this site will be helpful to me.however i have not been able to see and download any material yet

    6. Very Informative. Clearly delivered. Thank you Ms. Margaret.

    7. Margaret Homfray is absolutely wonderful to watch and to listen to!! How wonderful, for the children, if all schools would teach this pure Montessori method!! America’s children would reach their potential and beyond and they would be thrilled doing so!!

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