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Montessori Continents Globe Lesson Activity for Ages 3 to 6




3 – 6 years approx.


  • To introduce the child to the locations of the continents and to the names.
  • To associate the continent names to colours and this abstract the sandpaper globe.


The continents globe

Each continent is a particular colour:
North America – Orange
South America – Pink
Europe – Red
Africa – Green
Asia – Yellow
Australia /Australasia / Oceania – Brown
Antarctica – White

  • Work Mat


The different colours of the continents.

The continents are all slightly raised so that the child can feel the relief.


    This is an individual exercise done on the table on a work mat.

  1. Ask the child to watch how you carry the globe to the table. Show the child how to carry the globe to the table with one hand supporting the base and the other supporting the globe.
  2. Place the globe on the table on the work mat…
  3. Remind the child that our world is made up of land and water but the land on this globe is in different colours. This is called the Continents Globe.
  4. Say “ the land is divided into different parts and we call these parts CONTINENTS “
  5. Feel around all the continents with your index and middle fingers, starting with our continent. Tell the child that this is our continent, Africa. As you feel around each continent you may refer to its size or colour but the naming at this point is coincidental. Take the globe out of the stand to feel Antarctica.
  6. Invite the child to feel all the continents.
  7. Do a brief three period lesson. Let the child show you “ a large continent; a small continent, the red continent; our continent; a continent that is very cold” and so forth. Stop at the second period.


  5 Responses to “Montessori Lessons, The Continent Globe, Age 3 to 6”

  1. I love the presentation and this will surely help me in training the children in my preschool

  2. The presentation is amazing and will help ne in training the children in my preschool

  3. It was really helpful. I had to teach a 2 year old about the continents and water.thank you a lot !

  4. This is very explanatory especially for kids . Thanks so much for these.

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