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Art Step 1 – Level 1 Montessori Activity

AGE – 3 to 6 Years
Montessori Helper
Download your Free Art Step1 -Level 1 Materials that go with this activity by clicking here

(All identical pairs in a folder are totally different from all the other pairs in that folder, primarily in subject, but also in colour and style.)


  • To Match the Cards


  • Visual discrimination
  • Concentration
  • Appreciation of great art


  1. Remove the cards from the level 1 folder. They are usually kept in the left pocket of the folder.
  2. Lay the first set out in a vertical or horizontal row.
  3. Remove the identical cards from the right hand pocket and carefully look for its matching partner.
  4. Once you have found its match, place the identical pairs beside one another.
  5. Show the child how to put the left-hand row back into the pouch.
  6. Show the child how to muddle up the other set and also how to return the right hand row into the right hand side of the pouch.
  7. Invite the child to have a turn.

The cards are not matched
Ask the child which picture he likes the best and why. Perhaps you could talk about the colours – whether he likes the colours that have been used. You can also discuss the way that the picture makes the child feel. Talk about likes and dislikes,Antonyms and synonyms.

We have the all lessons and steps for the art curriculum including Materials available here

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